If you read this article, you know I stopped using Youtube. But as I said, I always make sure I download my content before I delete or stop using a social media platform.

Okay, I haven’t published any videos on there… so yeah, I’m talking about other people’s videos.

BUT.. they made an impact on me. I’ll keep them, as mp3 files.

Of course, I went to my old time favorite Youtube video converter: http://convert2mp3.net.

I pasted the link and pressed the “Convert” button.

Instead of sending me to the next screen as usual, it redirected me to a clone of the real Apple website with a long ass URL: http://www.apple.com-fast.live

I didn’t put the whole URL just not to tempt anyone.

Here’s one of the reasons why I wrote this article, the website was a perfect clone. And this URL seemed sooo real, it took me about 45 seconds to notice the whole thing is fake.

This normally takes me 3 seconds. Top.

I almost continued with their request, telling me the Mac I’m using has a virus and that I must take action right now.

Also, when I went back and tried again, the website functioned properly. Even on subsequent tries. This happens randomly.

Another reason is that I know a lot of people like to download Youtube videos and a shit load of people use this converter.

They worked pretty well on this one. So keep an eye on them.

Thought I’d write this quickly to hopefully warn anyone passing by. Google search and my website SEO may do their magic too.

P.S: I’m not sure if they also have something going on for Windows users, but still, don’t let your guard down out there.