I used to think drinking energy drinks, coffee, taking Adderall or whatnot was the best way to stay on top of my game… Little did I know, I thought WRONG.

I used to refuse to take a break and go hard on my tasks.

This would eventually lead me to burning out and feeling depressed for the next 3-7 days. Yeah, I would spend at least 3 days not being able to achieve anything, like some kind of undead.

Until the day I finally accepted that resting is the best way to move forward faster.

Of course, resting meant slowing down, but it also meant staying consistent in the long term. I’d “lose” about 16 hours worth of work now, but I would save at least 3 days (minus the sleep) worth of work as opposed to before.

Marginal gains. ;)

It was a great discovery for me.