I started the at-home treatments recommended by my mother and brother. Oh and even my clients, my teammates and my boss.

It’s crazy, I knew I was dealing with the right people (outside of my family) altogether, but to experience this feeling: Being cared for, is truly a blessing. I’m even crying while writing this…

Shit, I’m so emotional. As a Stoic, I’m okay with showing this kind of emotion.

Today, these people showed me that it takes nothing to care about someone. It takes nothing to share love and wanting the well-being of someone else.

They all made my day by sending me messages periodically and asking about my current state. And of course, each one of them helped as much as they could.

Since I started the path of a Stoic, I’ve been expecting death and always said that I wouldn’t be sad/mad if I died today, why? Because I was well on my way to manifest the God within me… now guess what? After today, I don’t wanna die yet. Not from this (apparently) virus. It would mean that they did this for nothing. That would make me sad.

I’m quarantining now so that I don’t spread it to my neighbors while I undergo the treatments. That’s if it’s really the virus.

Depending on how well I feel in two days (Thu May 21), I will change tactics.

I tried working anyway (against all recommendations. By bad peeps, can’t live like this) and it’s as if every time I reach a focused state, I get a striking headache.

Today I got a new set of symptoms on top of what I already had:

  • Sore throat (even while breathing)
  • Chest pain (this one started a couple of hours earlier)
  • Mild heartache (this is the scariest)
  • Eye pain when they reach the corners
  • Random back pains

So it’s getting more and more serious. Praying that it doesn’t get worse by tomorrow. I know a lot of people are praying for me too (I see you GT).

I also received a lot of support from the people who work at my apartment complex (I mean, I don’t own it, I live there). They all took the necessary measures and either helped me prepare the treatments or did the necessary for me to stay in my apartment as much as possible. I love them.

Really wasn’t trying to alarm my coworkers today but during our usual standup meeting on a project, I had to excuse myself so I could quickly open the door… I was starting to lose my breath. Good thing asthma doesn’t run in my family.

This alone is a huge indicator of this virus but I’m gonna keep quarantining for two more days while I try at-home remedies for those specific symptoms.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it really is the virus. Not because I didn’t take precautions, believe me, I did. But because I knew that sooner or later, I would catch it.

So the positive side of this is that, better now than later. I’ll keep my head strong and see how this goes.