My First Known COVID-19 Death

Last night I could hear a lot of mourning and yelling in my neighborhood. I could tell that somebody died, but it was pretty late so I didn’t bother going outside.

Back to Hiking and Respecting Myself More

This morning I decided to go hiking with 3 of my neighbors. Actually, we discussed this since last night while I was out for some errands, then it happened. Was a great experience. Thinking about it, I’ve never regretted going hiking. It’s always different.

My 2019, in a nutshell

I’m all alone, sitting in my old office next to a piece of cake that a pal of mine just gave me - thanks again Aasson - and a list of goals for next year. I just published my latest Awesome Quora article. Earlier than this I was working on a mobile app project for a client.

Awesome Quora #13: Why did you quit smoking cigarettes?

I read Quora questions/answers regularly. So in the spirit of redistributing and having an easier access to my favorite stories over there, I decided to publish them on a daily basis here. Today’s pick is a little different though.

Awesome Quora #4: What are the top rules of your life?

I’ve been actively reading Quora answers since July this year (2019). Actively, as in, at least 10 questions and their top answers a day. On an average, I bookmark 2 answers a day. I bookmark the ones that make the most impact on me during the day.

Remember Who You Are

It’s a video but I don’t watch it, I just listen. I don’t usually watch his videos by the way, they are too long for my taste. For some reason this morning I thought I’d try spending an hour on that video and see.

A new way of blogging

So basically, no more external comments. This blog will only serve as public archive of my notes. In the hopes that those particular notes will serve as an example for people who seek more out of life ;)

What I want is stronger than my fears

A few years ago, back in my hometown, Jacmel, I met a beautiful girl at the beach. She looked exquisite: Beautiful short hair, dark brown eyes, a slim body and a huge smile.
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