Understanding the power of consistency

I used to think drinking energy drinks, coffee, taking Adderall or whatnot was the best way to stay on top of my game… Little did I know, I thought WRONG. I used to refuse to take a break and go hard on my tasks.

Remember Who You Are

It’s a video but I don’t watch it, I just listen. I don’t usually watch his videos by the way, they are too long for my taste. For some reason this morning I thought I’d try spending an hour on that video and see.

What I want is stronger than my fears

A few years ago, back in my hometown, Jacmel, I met a beautiful girl at the beach. She looked exquisite: Beautiful short hair, dark brown eyes, a slim body and a huge smile.

Social Zero: Misson Impossible

Hmm, where do I start? I’m back on social media: I’m using Youtube and Instagram again. Fuck me, right? Well, first, in my defense, rules were meant to be broken.

Finish as Strong as You Started

I do at least 1500 jump ropes every day - well, at least most days. I do 500 in the morning, 500 in the afternoon and another 500 before bed.

I Have Finally Reached Social Zero

Three years ago, circa 2016, I decided to quit social media. I deleted all my accounts - while making sure to backup and delete my contents first, when possible.

Sense The Body

Today I’m on my eighth day of serious journaling. It’s a private journal, but tonight I thought I’d share a portion of today’s brain dump (unedited)
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