How I started this blog: Running Ghost in development with Docker

In this article, I explain how I run Ghost in development mode to test out the platform locally. I also give a brief explanation of how it all works.

Note to Self #2: Write Often, Reflect Daily

I like to think that everyone is playing their own movie where they are the protagonist and go through the typical action/drama packed movie

Back Up!

Hmm, it’s been over a month since my last one. A pretty rough month I’d say. I’ve been making progress on many things. A little behind on some of them, but getting back on track.

My 2019, in a nutshell

I’m all alone, sitting in my old office next to a piece of cake that a pal of mine just gave me - thanks again Aasson - and a list of goals for next year. I just published my latest Awesome Quora article. Earlier than this I was working on a mobile app project for a client.

A new way of blogging

So basically, no more external comments. This blog will only serve as public archive of my notes. In the hopes that those particular notes will serve as an example for people who seek more out of life ;)


It’s been a while. Over 6 months of inactivity on here. I feel bad about it. My sincere apologies to anyone who actually reads my articles. I’m back to blogging!

Why I Decided to Blog

I should have started a blog almost decades ago. To be honest, this is the biggest mistake I’ve done in my programming career. If you’re wondering why, you’re in the same boat as me, or should I say, as I were.
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