Hmm, where do I start?

I’m back on social media: I’m using Youtube and Instagram again. Fuck me, right?

Well, first, in my defense, rules were meant to be broken.

Okay, I know, no excuses. But seriously tho, one of my mottos is Fuck the System. With System being anything that emulates authority.

Even if it means your own principles or way of thought.

But you gotta have a pretty darn good reason to do so.

In my case, I finally fell in love with dancing.

I now know my favorite style of dancing: Cutting shapes or should I say, shuffling.

If you’ve never heard of it, here’s what it looks like, by Mark Tore, by Kevin Troy and Ikermoto. Those are some of my favorite dancers in the field.

Now, what got me interested into it, you may ask.

Well, it all started in April - last month, when I got invited to some house party in Haiti by an old college mate, Napoleon - Pretty dope first name, if you ask me. The party was hosted by Le Studio.

There were many DJs that night, among them, Jean Loup, Anil and of course, the great El Rocco.

Only electronic music - or EDM. Dope! This is uncommon in Haiti. It was the first time ever that I attended such an event in the country.

We, Haitians, don’t usually listen to this type of music. I personally enjoy other types of music, but electronic music has always been in my top 5.

At the event, I fell back in love with EDM. During Anil and Jean Loup’s performance, the music was so good, I closed my eyes and BAM, I could feel it: I was floating away to the sound, my mind was empty, I couldn’t feel my usual neck pain, every nerve in me was like “Shit, give me mooooaar“… and water is currently dripping out of my eyes just by trying to remember what it felt like.

Shit, I’m so emotional.

Anyways, I could feel it, but how could I express this shit? It’ll kill my insides if I keep it there, I thought.

Then it came up to me… dance!

Ah man, best decision ever. I started moving to the sound, letting my limbs follow the beat and ignoring everyone else in the room - not nice, but it felt fucking awesome.

One thing to note is that, by that time, I didn’t know a single dance move… well, neither do I right now. I mean, it’s only been 9 days, what did you expect?

How did I dance then? I basically fucked it up. BUT, I enjoyed it. All that matters.

I got home, thought about the moment and wondered, how can I make it as enjoyable to others? How can I share my joy?

Learn to dance motherfucker. The answer is simple, right?

Right. But not as simple as actually doing it. However, it was fine to me, I enjoy a challenge.

So five days later - May 10 2019, I looked up the best dance style for electronic music and eventually, I stumbled upon Shuffling.

I don’t even need to add more details to it, you can clearly see, from the videos above, how beautiful and hypnotizing this dance style can be when you know what you’re doing.

So, on that same day, I went on and started learning from as many sources as possible. You know what? just like programming, learning dancing from many different sources helps you build up patterns much faster.

And in a matter of three days, I made clear progress that even I could notice. Dope.

I’ll post the first ever videos in my IG story this week. I’ll keep my feed for special videos. My username is the usual @r4meau.

I might get back on Twitter too at some point. We’ll see.

What does this have to do with social media???

I don’t know, I just thought I’d share my skillzzzzzz


I realized learning dancing by yourself, is really just like learning programming by yourself: At the end of the day, you need a community.

Guess where this community is… unfortunately? Instagram.

However, I learned to turn downsides into upsides: I thought, why simply create an account to follow others and consume while you could be producing shit too and improve the life of others?

And there you go, now I want to be a social media influencer doing what I like. Hell yeah!

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop programming or my work… haha, nah, not at all.

I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m simply fitting some more cool stuffs in there.


All I can say is, this is a great new beginning for me. I’m glad I figured it out now instead of in my thirties.

I mean, it wouldn’t be too late, but it probably would have required much more effort from me at this point in life.

Also, something I always keep in mind in life since I turned 15 is to always be open for change.

Never settle… or at least, not yet ;)

Every day I’m shuffling.