I’m on my 8th day sick with the coronavirus and self quarantining.

Yesterday I figured working out is very effective against it and helps me feel better throughout the day. I also decided to experiment not taking any at-home treatments today, including the antibiotics.

I woke up not feeling any symptoms except for the loss of smell.

Instead of waiting to eat breakfast, I decided to go head first into my morning workout. I used the MadBarz app again and did an abs workout. My phone is dead right now, so I won’t post the picture of it.

I managed to finish most of it. Most of it and not all of it, because I don’t like bad forms while working out, as soon as I feel like I’m breaking my form, I stop the set.

I didn’t drink any of the natural remedies and teas, neither did I take the pills. I felt great and couldn’t feel a single symptom. Except for a sharp pain in my left leg that I’ve been experiencing since yesterday.

Okay, not really since yesterday tho… I’ve been feeling it since years ago and was supposed to go see a doctor for it since but never did.

A little back story…

When I was about 13-14 years old, I lived with my mother in Jacmel, Haiti. One day, I was going back home from high school with a cousin of mine (Brevil, wherever you are, I miss you bud).

Brevil was a very unpredictable guy and was the type of guy to start the stupidest things. That day, while we’re walking side by side, he started pushing me.

I wouldn’t dare to do the same because he was on the side of the street and there were cars passing by. It wasn’t fair, so I kept telling him to stop.

I could tell that it was also very dangerous for me because there was an open sewer on my side and I could very well fall into it.

Well, guess what happened at one point? He got me by surprise and I definitely did.

Once that happened, my left leg fell into the disgusting track and started sliding until a small metal tube poked into that leg.

Needless to mention how painful this was. As soon as I pulled my leg and heard a big “Thump” sound, blood was spewing everywhere like a volcano. Luckily for me, it didn’t hit the bone.

I could remember the scene like it was yesterday because I was just a few meters away from my crush’s (of the time) house and it was one of her family members who brought a first aid kit to help me. That person also stopped a random car passing by and got them to drive me to the nearest hospital (the same one I was born at) where they got the hole stitched for me.

On top of it, my cousin dared to say that he was just trying to save me from a car passing very close by. I wanted to punch him with all my might. But I ended up forgiving him, he was more athletic than me (I was obese at the time), so I would’ve just called for more trouble.

So that’s the story of how I almost lost my left leg. Now, it’s been over a decade now and I’ve never been to a doctor for them to assess whether it’s all good now.

Years after healing from it, I could start feeling some numbing pain around that area and there’s a little pocket of blood that shows up right under the skin whenever I bend that leg.

During this pandemic and right after getting infected, the pain started becoming more prevalent. I have a bad feeling that it could be blood clot, but what do I know, right?

So I will be visiting a doctor about this pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I’m taking Aspirin, 1 pill of 85mg of it per day. I started this afternoon with it and since I drank it, I’m only feeling the pain again right when I started this article.

That’s the only pill I took today because according to many people I know, this is what Italy has found to be the most useful during this pandemic.

In the evening, right before dinner, I also did a chest workout from the MadBarz app and just like the first one, I couldn’t finish it due to the fact that it was too hard for my current health level. I have to admit, I’m trying not to push too hard because I don’t understand this disease enough.

I tried working, against all recommendations but sadly couldn’t. I was thinking too much because of this leg. I figured too late that I could have just meditated to clear up my mind.

After my second workout and my shower this evening, I started coughing a lot and most of it was almost dry coughing. That’s a sign that working out alone is not enough, so I’m gonna keep alternating between drinking my teas (mugwort and ginger) and drinking the antibiotics. I decided to not mix them because I don’t know what the side effects could be.