Last night I could hear a lot of mourning and yelling in my neighborhood. I could tell that somebody died, but it was pretty late so I didn’t bother going outside.

This morning, right after getting ready for my hiking session with the same guys from yesterday, I quickly figured the deceased was related to one of them.

It’s sad, turns out the sister of one of them died of the virus last night. The details of the death were horrible and I really wish nobody else has to go through this.

I’m still not feeling okay on my side, talked to my mother this morning and told her so. She gave me a lot of advices on what to drink and ingest. My elder brother also called me (him and his wife got infected weeks ago and have now fully recovered) to give me tips on how they managed it.

I gotta admit, before that, I was getting increasingly scared. I love them for always being there for me.

My clients were also pretty understanding and even gave me some of their own advice.

Since Friday night I’ve been experiencing a mild flu, a major headache, not-so-dry coughs, body pains and temporary periods of shortness of breath.

I’m staying at home and starting the treatments tomorrow. I’ll see how it goes.

It was hard getting anything done for the day, the body pains and that excruciating headache were very distracting. I still managed to get a couple of solid focused hours in.

I also still worked out, did about 200 jump ropes today. That’s really all I managed to get in today. Still something.

Today I also spent a long time thinking about how I’m gonna start sharing my dance videos publicly and which platforms to publish them on. I believe the verdict is Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. I will host my recordings on them but point to my diary articles on here.