Yesterday I couldn’t write.

In fact, I couldn’t do anything apart from sleeping.

It’s as if I just came back from a marathon, I was tired to death. That was the only new symptom yesterday.

My landlord got the news of my sickness and was very nice towards me and brought me two new pills to take:

  • Trocin-500
  • Moxidel-500

I took one Trocin-500 and I couldn’t feel my upper respiratory track pains anymore, up until today’s afternoon. I gotta say, once it came back, it came a little harder than yesterday.

I drank another one today again but it didn’t fully go away this time, still felt it, but a tad milder. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Today, I woke up not being able to smell much. It’s the first time such thing is happening to me, so it was pretty hilarious when I couldn’t smell the onions while cooking. I couldn’t cry, even if I turned the onion into a mask and kept smelling just it. Hahaha

I’m about to hit the sack and I still can’t smell anything.

This morning I thought the low energy was gone forever but this afternoon, it came back as strong as yesterday. I could barely walk around.

I still haven’t got tested. My landlord was pushing me to go do it, just in case it wasn’t the coronavirus, so I left my place and went to a nearby private hospital that he believes does these tests.

I started by looking for their phone number but I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so I still went there. Once I got there, they told me only a few public hospitals do it in Haiti. And I quickly figured the ones that do it are pretty far away.

I don’t own a car and I sold my motorcycle a long time ago, so I resigned to the fact that this is definitely the virus. It’s really not worth it putting more people’s lives in danger. So I went back home and resumed my quarantine and my treatments. That loss of smell was really the latest indicator for me.

Still having all the other symptoms, except that my headaches are less frequent. I guess that’s good news. :)