Today is a great day.

Got a few tasks done, remained focused 70% of the time - working on this -, learned a few new stuffs along the way - I’ll create some tuts -, all while successfully controlling my social interactions when I’m in the workplace - yeah, this happens to be hard for me to manage sometimes.

I also came to the realization that… I’m getting too comfortable.

I started this article at 11 PM, right when I was going to fall asleep, and this struck my mind: I’m taking for granted now what I used to STRIVE for years ago.

And this is bad.

Really, really bad.

Let me tell you a short story:

Back when I used to live with my dad, at some point he wouldn’t allow me to have power outlets connected to the inverter - yeah, in Haiti, we don’t have electricity 24/7, so those who can afford it get an inverter with a few batteries.

I could only use those power outlets when we had electricity provided by EDH - the national supplier of electric power.

It sucked. I needed this to be able to work and learn from my room.

I felt so uncomfortable.

Instead of complaining about it, I went to the living room and worked from there. I could never be more focused at home - except when there’s people there.

My point is, when I used to be able to work from my room, I could never stay focused. When I worked from the living room, at that time, it was a breeze to go through my tasks.

All this because I was uncomfortable. Thanks dad, if you ever read this.

Now the reason for writing this article is to document what I just realized.

I am aware that I’m getting too comfortable at this point in my life and I’m going to seriously do something about it.

Stay golden.