I've always been a fan of this Chrome extension called Dark Reader.

It's a browser extension that creates dark themes for any website, on the fly, by inverting bright colors, making them high contrast and easy to read at night.

Google Search is probably my most visited website and therefore, one of the websites I look at the most. So dark mode it is!

I woke up today seeing the following while I make my first search of the day:

I immediately turned off the Dark Reader extension for the website and took the above screenshot. Having dark mode provided by the website/company themselves is way better than using the browser extension because you're dealing with specific colors and a (hopefully) well-thought-of design system.

If you don't see the notification as presented above, or you inadvertently sent it away, you can still activate dark mode by going to the Settings on your Google Search page:

Now, why bother writing this when there are many other websites doing this? Because it's Google!

Haha, I don't expect anything else from them anymore, at this point. So anything they release, no matter how small, I get excited about :)

Apparently, they have been testing this since earlier this year (2021) and have been gradually releasing it to users. Can't believe I missed the news for it.