Hmm, it’s been over a month since my last one.

A pretty rough month I’d say.

I’ve been making progress on many things. A little behind on some of them, but getting back on track.

During this month I spent most of the time by myself. It was all about getting to know myself some more.

That allowed me to see myself clearly and accept me the way I am. Now I have a better understanding of most of my weaknesses, when and by what/who they get triggered.

I also learned to cook some more easy to medium recipes from the internet.

Oh, and I’m getting even better at dancing. Yeah, I do still want to become a social media influencer :D let’s see how that turns out in about a year.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend time with people. I still spent a lot of time with my team at work… well, online.

We’re experimenting with doing pair programming for code reviewing instead of using a review checklist. I believe this is going great so far, we really enjoy working in each other’s company.

I’ve been officially with them for about two months now. I’ll share a little bit more about what’s going on in there later.

Of course, only what I’m allowed to share. :)

Yeah, okay, for in-person activities, I spent a lot of time with my closest friend. That was possible because I moved closer to him about a month ago.

Still in the same city, different place. I’m also closer to my father now.

Very close.

My website was down since June 5 until this evening… That’s 23 days. All I needed to do was to temporarily disable Cloudflare for it - welp, today I learned.

I did so today and my Den is back up!