What is this?

I enjoy journalling, sometimes I share part of it publicly.

Sun May 17 2020

This morning I decided to go hiking with 3 of my neighbors. Actually, we discussed this since last night while I was out for some errands, then it happened.

Was a great experience. Thinking about it, I’ve never regretted going hiking. It’s always different.
Also, I don’t hang out with those guys often, so that was a great opportunity for me to get to know them.

They’re pretty athletic! They outpaced me on many occasions actually. At one point I even “cheated” by taking a moto taxi ride to them. Haha

I even came up with an excuse, even tho I truly believe that’s why, that it’s because I do at least 3000 jump ropes a day. Good thing I brought my jump rope, so I made up for my “cheating” with it.

On top of it all, they’re all pretty motivating, they’ve got the spirit, so I believe I’ll be doing this with them as often as possible.
At some points, our conversations got tense though. Apparently, and as expected, we don’t have the same outlook on many things. I did my best to keep it friendly. I should know not to allow things to go this far.

Today I woke up with a flu, a major headache and shortness of breath. I’m not even kidding, not feeling too well.
That was a great opportunity for me to ditch the hiking, but I was strong enough to go anyway. I’m proud of myself for this.
I’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon to see how well I feel and I’ll decide what to do next.

I had to put my phone on silence, was having a hard time aligning myself with my goals.
Throughout the whole day, I’ve been making it clear to myself the reason why I’m going the way I’m going right now.

This is something I do every other week. It was time to reload:

  • I prioritize my goals and tasks and focus on the most urgent and important ones first
  • I’m sleeping on time whether I like it or not
  • I will exercise regularly
  • I will choose the healthiest option whenever it’s possible for my meals

Mastering the basics is simple, but not easy. I got this.