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How can we become a winner at everything in life?

The following answer is by Lukas Schwekendiek to this particular question.

There is one simple way to completely dominate the market in any field:

Produce more than anyone else is willing to produce.

Successful people all hunger for success and hunger for a better life and to get more out of everything they do!

They are willing to do whatever it takes, go the extra mile and do more than those around them, which is what eventually gets them to succeed.

Look at all the Olympic Athletes. Did you know they trained 6–8 hours every day? When compared to the average player that might practice the sport once or twice a week for 1–2 hours it is no wonder the professionals go so much further.

When you look at Fortune 500 CEOs… why is it that they still work like their life depends on it when they are already successful? Most of them are rich enough to sit back and live the rest of their lives in 5-star hotels without ever worrying about the money, yet they all still work at least twice as much as the normal person because they hunger for success.

Eric Thomas puts this very true when he says: “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

It’s this hunger that drives them.

Push for the top, push for being the best by doing more than anyone is comfortable doing.

When you are working out, do more and take shorter breaks than anyone else. When you are with your partner give them more attention and love than they can handle. When you are working at your job, do 10x more than any of your colleagues.

That is how you stop winning and start annihilating. Winning means there is a competition that you need to fight. Annihilation means there is one person who completely outdoes the rest. Don’t try to compete by being the same as everyone else. Instead be the hammer that completely smashes in everything you do.

As Grant Cardone would say: “Stop competing and start dominating in everything you do.”

The above answer is by Lukas Schwekendiek to this particular question.


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