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What kind of people should not be entrepreneurs?

The following answer is by Hector Quintanilla to this particular question.

There are three types of people:

1- Sailboat With No Rudder People: These people love to go with the flow. They will not fight against the wind or the strong water currents that push them around.

Their final destination is wherever the circumstances of life lead them to. They usually end up feeling like “victims“ from all their “bad luck” and difficult circumstances.

Sailboat people should NOT be entrepreneurs.

2- Banana Boat People: These people find a powerful leader to follow and hang on tight to them. They’re completely at the mercy of any direction the “lead boat” takes them.

They’ll do anything to ride the waves the lead boat leaves behind. If the lead boat loses direction or power, they’ll lose momentum and feel lost and stranded.

Banana boat people can be great co-founder entrepreneurs.

3- Icebreaker Boat People: These are unstoppable leaders. They have a vision. They know where they’re going and will do anything to get there.

They will passionately fight relentlessly through any bad weather or tough circumstances they may encounter on the road to their destination. They will always inspire other boats to follow them on their trip to get there.

Icebreaker boat people make ideal entrepreneurs.

The above answer is by Hector Quintanilla to this particular question.


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