I’ve been actively reading Quora answers since July this year (2019).

Actively, as in, at least 10 questions and their top answers a day.

On an average, I bookmark 2 answers a day. I bookmark the ones that make the most impact on me during the day.

I have a lot of them waiting to be re-read in my Bookmarks section of Quora. There are so many of them that it scares the shit out of me.

So in the spirit of redistributing and having an easier access to my favorite ones, I decided to publicly post them on here, at least, just the best of them, according to me… on a daily basis.

The following question and answer were picked from my Quora Bookmarks today because I coincidentally applied it a lot today.

What are some uncommon ways to work smarter instead of harder?

The following answer is by Dawn Amber to this particular question.

I learned about this super interesting rule in one of my classes, and after pondering it for a while, it made perfect sense.

The 80/20 rule.

The idea is that 80% of the results comes from 20% of the input.

For example, 80% of hit songs comes from 20% of artists.

80% of the work is done by 20% of the workers.

You can apply this to yourself on a daily basis.

Let’s say that you have a huge project that you need to start working on, but you don’t know where to start. What you need to do is focus your effort on the part of the project that will produce the most results.

So, basically_ don’t _nitpick over those tiny details that aren’t going to matter much in the end result.

This is especially true if you’re a procrastinator. Get the biggest load out of the way first, and the rest is a cake walk.

Make sure you’re putting your energy in the right places. Don’t obsess over what pencil to use, and instead write and do what you need to do.

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The above answer is by Dawn Amber to this particular question.


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