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What things should I get rid of in my life to become mentally and emotionally healthy?

The following answer is by Rafael Eliassen to this particular question.

Let go of the obligation to serve others. The irritational need to please others, to be someone they like, to help them just to get approval is tiring. Be firm about who you are and what you offer. You will find your worth and people will start to respect you.

When you expect perfection from yourself, fill your schedule with too much, you are bound to break yourself. Realize that it’s okay to not be perfectly productive. Know your current level and set realistic daily goals that you can achieve. Don’t demand too much from yourself.

Indulge in activities that alleviate your stress. We run from one problem to another, all this leads to pent up stress that needs to be released. Fix your sleep, learn to be aware of your senses, eat properly. Heal from all the damage daily life does to you.

Chase your joy. In the midst of all the mundane habits, explore things that are fun to you. Is it going to a museum, hiking, sports, cooking? What would you enjoy doing? Find your joy by having new experiences.

You can’t be emotionally healthy when you are surrounded by negativity. Look at the content you consume, the people you spend time with, are they damaging your mental peace? Remove the sources of negativity in your life.

Take control of your life, don’t be in the back seat of your own life. Have goals and make progress. Do the things that you want to do not what others expect of you.

In the end, your mental well-being is in your hands.

It’s when you realize your patterns and change yourself, magic happens.

Change you.

The above answer is by Rafael Eliassen to this particular question.


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