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What are some ugly truths of life?

The following answer is by Victor Dirikebamor to this particular question.

Lessons learned from my 28 years in existence

  1. Those who are ruled by their emotions don’t make much progress in life.
  2. Sometimes when you thought it can’t get any worse than it is already, no you’re wrong, what you have seen is just a prelude, it might get far worse from that point.
  3. Having a family is good but your family can deprive you of a good life and a genuine contribution to society.
  4. Poor people have no economic value to anyone, not even to themselves.
  5. Don’t always tell, show.
  6. Don’t Chase the opposite sex, they will chase you when your life becomes admirable.
  7. My family is those who genuinely support me and have my best interest at heart, not particularly those I share a bloodline.
  8. Never start what you can’t finish, and if you ever feel the need to stop thinking about why you started in the first place.
  9. Your enemies are always the people closest to you. If those closest to you can’t hurt you no one could.
  10. All acts of hatred spring from jealousy and shallow mindedness.
  11. The day you decide to quit might just be the day you were supposed to have a breakthrough.
  12. Life is hard to get used to it.
  13. Complaining is viral misery, it doesn’t spread sunshine in the world if you don’t like a thing to find a way to fix it.
  14. Every person has a problem, don’t expect anyone to solve your problems magically as fast as possible.
  15. Your parents might be the only persons left when all is gone.
  16. Bad luck, challenges, hard times, starvation, external attacks are sometimes necessary to build the real you, don’t give up.
  17. Stay clear from short term gratifications, they are deadly, don’t appear only to disappear in no time and never to be heard of again.
  18. One true friend is worth far more than an entire family.
  19. People judge you firstly by your looks before the contents of your character, if you’re beautiful thank your maker.
  20. If all you remember from your elementary school math is ‘compound interest’ you will survive.
  21. You are often going to be provoked almost by everyone but your actions or inactions determines your level of knowledge and maturity.
  22. At a point in time, especially when you’re done with college, the people in your life would be so slack in helping you, mostly because they think you’re a full-blown adult and should face your own responsibilities.
  23. Whatever you don’t use you lose.
  24. When you trivialise corruption it becomes a way of life and becomes even harder to stop.
  25. If you can’t help your fellow man try not to ruin his efforts either.
  26. Time is far more valuable than money, if you waste it you’re as good as dead.
  27. Don’t go into peoples life thinking you can magically change them if it were easy to change people God would have changed Satan.
  28. Anticipate everything and prepare your mind for the worse to minimise shock and surprises.
  29. Your neighbour might just be your closest relative and saviour, try to be in good terms with them.
  30. Don’t expect other people to magically know what you’re going through, some times you have to explain yourself over and over again to be heard.
  31. Money is not an option, it is necessary for survival. Find some ways to make money even while you sleep. And try not to spend it all on liabilities, you might as well invest just in case you live to see tomorrow.

The 28-year-old me, just in case you’re curious why a mugshot came along with the answer.

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The above answer is by Victor Dirikebamor to this particular question.


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