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What are some words of wisdom for men?

The following answer is by Andrew Ferebee to this particular question.

Here are just a few I’ve learned in my journey…

1) Masculinity isn’t about competition. It’s about integrity with who you are, what you value, and what you believe. Your bank account, lay count, and bench press don’t make you a real man. Living an authentic and courageous life of service does.

2) Say no to porn. It’s a waste of time and adds nothing of value to your life.

3) YOU and you alone are responsible for everything in and not in your life. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, but you can’t delegate ownership of your life to mommy, daddy, society, or your friends.

4) Talk is cheap. We all have goals and ambitions. It’s what you DO that matters

5) Your health is your biggest asset. Protect it with your life. Eat clean, exercise five times a week, get out in nature, sleep 8 hours a night, have great sex, and live intentionally.

6) Unprotected sex with a stranger is never a good idea (no matter how good it feels).

7) Breakups and divorces can either be a catalyst for personal transformation or an excuse for self-sabotage. Choose wisely.

8) Life isn’t fair. Get over it. The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing and you deserve what you earn. Period.

9) Women are neither princesses nor spoiled bitches. They’re human beings just like you. Treat them as such.

10) Your mission comes first. A man without a purpose is like a leaf in the wind. Until you find your purpose and give it your all, nothing else in your life will make sense.

11) Your worth is not predicated on your income. Read that again…Your SELF WORTH is NOT your NET WORTH. There are plenty of rich douche bags and great men without a dime to their name.

12) Sex without connection is meaningless. Don’t believe the hype. Sex is an emotional experience that should be shared only with women (or men) you deeply connect with.

13) It’s ok to ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you smart.

14) Live below your means and stockpile cash. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

15) Drugs can enhance or destroy your life. Use them wisely and educate yourself before imbibing any substance (legal or otherwise).

16) Success requires discomfort. Don’t set a goal if you aren’t willing to pay the price.

17) Most people are full of shit. Don’t listen to someone unless they share your values, vision, and ethics…and have the results you want to achieve.

18) Spend more time with your “boys”. There’s no substitution for great friends.

19) Never get so caught up in a romantic relationship that you neglect other relationships in your life. If your partner doesn’t support you having your own friends and relying on your support network, she probably isn’t a good fit for your life.

20) All relationships have challenges, but they shouldn’t be hard. If your relationship requires too much work, you’re likely with the wrong person.

21) Freedom > money. Don’t sell your soul to the corporate devil for another 0 in your bank account. The happiest people on the planet are the ones who do things they love and have ample time to pursue their passions.

22) Learn how to cook. Seriously…it’s sexy, fun, and delicious.

23) Never complain about something if you can’t offer a better solution.

24) Get sober for at least 30 days and then reassess your relationship with drugs and alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with “taking the edge off” but you must make sure the tail never wags the dog.

25) Your house should be for sleeping, eating, and getting ready only. Get outside of your bubble and engage with other humans in the real world…it’s more fun than you might imagine.

26) Leadership is sexy. Learn how to host events and foster a genuine community. Women will be more attracted to you, men will respect you, and every area of your life will improve for the better.

27) Try not to be a dick. We’re all just doing the best we can and 9 times out of 10, your little emotional outbursts say more about YOU than they do the other person.

28) Do NOT get into a fight unless it’s absolutely necessary. And no…name calling or another guy hitting on your girl do not equate to necessity.

29) But learn how to fight anyway. It’s a primal and deeply gratifying experience and will leave you feeling more confident and self-assured

30) Do hard shit and do it regularly. An easy life is not worth living.

31) Be kind to your fellow humans. Open the door for others, help that old lady with her groceries, buy someone’s lunch at a drive-through. Life is more rewarding when you aren’t so focused on yourself.

32) Don’t go into debt for materialistic items. Just don’t do it.

33) Remember: “You’re just tomorrow’s idiot”. If you don’t look back at your life five years ago and think, “Damn…I was a moron!” you aren’t growing enough

34) Don’t settle for the status quo. Create the life you want and give a hardy middle finger to “normal”

35) 20 years from now, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did

36) Don’t get her pregnant unless you are 100% sure you want kids and you can see yourself loving her for decades.

37) Smile. It’s all going to be over soon. Might as well enjoy the ride while you can.

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The above answer is by Andrew Ferebee to this particular question.


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