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What are the small things you do to discipline yourself?

The following answer is by Swanand Kadam to this particular question.

  1. When it was hard for me to wake up at 5:00 a.m. consistently, I realized I was calculating too much about whether should I get back to sleep and wake up. So, I decided to count from one to three, close my eyes and just wake up no matter what!
  2. Doing the same action every day might bore you but you shouldn’t break the chain by doing nothing. If you work out every day, go swim. If you study every day, go teach sometimes. I call this ‘ The Act of Substitution’.
  3. To be disciplined, you need to figure out your future decisions as early as you can. I have the experience of wasting hours on ordering food. Decide what you want and then execute it.
  4. I have introduced rules and constraints for most of my actions. They don’t feel like rules because I imposed them on myself but they do the job of what they are supposed to do. for example, when I write I don’t want to see anything else than my pen and paper. Everything else is trash for that particular moment.
  5. Will you still be cuddling your phone on the bed, if you had roommates like Ronaldo, McGregor, Feynman, and Kohli, etc. I visualize myself as I am surrounded by greatness. I am not sure how but it does change my attitude towards life.
  6. Decide your primary action and focus on that only. In my case, my primary action is to write on Quora and create useful videos for my subscribers. Of course, I can go and dwell in the pool of statistics, comments, likes, upvotes, etc. but that’s not my priority and never will be. Figure out the primary action in your life and other complimentary things.
  7. Not every day is sunshine and rainbows. Everyone can be happy when everything is working. What you do when shit hits the fan shapes your mentality towards challenges. When you are not feeling great, when you just want to stay in your bed is the day you show up and keep on doing what you were doing. You might not enjoy it at the start but soon adversity becomes normal for you. Rain or pain, doesn’t matter when you have that true dog mentality.

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The above answer is by Swanand Kadam to this particular question.

Side Notes

Discipline is such a beautiful thing.

To me, it’s a display of the true mental strength of a person.

I do my best to be a disciplined person.

Life hits hard sometimes, however. And discipline alone won’t do the job when this happens.

I believe that the ability for someone to get back on their feet no matter how hard life hits is a sign of how unstoppable they are.

Be unstoppable, my friend. Never give up on what matters most to you.


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