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What is the main cause of poverty?

The following answer is by Hector Quintanilla to this particular question.

These men are NOT in line for the latest iPhone…

They’re unemployed — they need a job, a job that they can’t find because there are not enough jobs for everyone.

Technology takes over jobs. It happened during the Industrial revolution with agricultural jobs.

It’s happening today in multiple industries around the world.

There are millions of people needing jobs, but there are NOT enough jobs for everyone.

This depreciates the value of jobs.

A shift of supply in any market causes prices to drop.

Today, millions of people’s skills are being deprecated as their skills deliver the same value that millions of other individuals can — or a machine can.

If there are not enough jobs for everyone, they go to unemployment. Unemployment leads to poverty.



We need to help people to create their own jobs.

We need to help people to learn to be fully accountable for their financial future, and when successful, celebrate them when they’re able to provide jobs to those who need them.

The world has changed. A degree doesn’t guarantee a job anymore. In the Digital Age, donot expect to find a job. CREATE ONE!

The above answer is by Hector Quintanilla to this particular question.


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