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What are the best ways to improve your personality?

The following answer is by Brad Shoc to this particular question.

Here are some tips that will improve your personality and help your life in social situations, financially, becoming successful and achieving your dream. Some are common sense, but I tried to write more about mindset that could be acquired and becoming the best version of yourself and dramatically improve your personality:

  • Learn the ability to laugh at yourself. When you do something embarrassing and try to defend yourself by being serious, people don’t like that. Instead people like the one’s who can laugh along them to themselves. Very likable trait.
  • Don’t brag. Ever. You can imagine in your mind that people are like “Wow” this guys is cool, when you are bragging about something. What they really think, is they hope the bragging will end and you will talk about something else. None likes braggers.
  • Be interested in people. Ask questions about their personal lives. People are more likely wanting to talk about themselves. When you show that you are rally interested, she/he will feel comfortable around you. This is more about boosting social skills, but goes to same category as improving your personality. Good personality has a good social skills.
  • Start taking cold showers daily. Even this sounds internet pseudoscience thing, it’s legit. It will harden your discipline. When you have will power to put yourself in freezing shower for few minutes, you will build iron will.
  • Taking Quote from “Eminem’s Lose Yourself“ song:
  • Success is my only motherf#cking option“. That’s your new daily quote. Say it every time in the morning after waking up when you look at yourself in the mirror. It will in time integrate in your persona, and you are going to become successful person as you believe in yourself that you can make it.
  • “If had One shot or One opportunity … Would you capture it, Or just let it slip”. Not only very good song, but includes very good quotes. In life, there will be great opportunities from time to time. Don’t be afraid to take action in the fear of failing. Learn to detect those opportunities and learn to catch them. This way you will achieve the success.
  • Start some martial arts. Not only they are really good exercising, they’ll also teach you self discipline. One of the major keys in improving your personality, is acquiring that iron will and discipline.
  • Healthy lifestyle. It’ll indirectly affect on your body and mind, making you feeling better. And when you feel better, you are more likely going to get good experiences with people that will boost your social skills, furthermore improving your personality. Just don’t take it too serious and advertise for everyone. None like people who are trying to turn them example vegans and tell hours of benefits of vegan diet.
  • Acquire a good posture and relaxed body language. Can’t remember right now how much, but something like 70% of the communication is not talking. It’s about the body language. Your facial expressions. Closed body language, and people feel around you that you are not interested on them or you are feeling uncomfortable.
  • Acquire the mindset of “***Not giving a f#ck*“*. You will become fearless and take action whatever it is. By this I don’t mean yolo attitude*, like spending all the salary in one day at club, ending up fights etc. But if you want to achieve something, the mindset that makes you immune for thinking what other’s will think about that. If you never take the lead by yourself and always do things because of the fear of social shame, you won’t get far. Example, if you want to start MMA, but you have zero experience on martial arts and think what other people will think about you, just f#cking go for it. Don’t let other people opinions to limit your life.
  • There isn’t a thing as “failing”. There is only success and trying to acquire success. Example you have a plan of project you would like to create, but fear that you’ll fail, you have already lost. Always give a try. It’s better to try than not taking action at all. By taking action you have already succeed 50%. If the plan fails, f#ck it, you at least tried and you weren’t on the loser side who wouldn’t is afraid of fails.
  • Styling, dressing, maximizing your looks. When you look good, again you feel good and that creates the aura of confident.
  • Respect. By respecting other people, you are heading in the way of success in communication. By having an ability to grant respect in different situations, you’ll again become more likable and charismatic.
  • Another Quote from Gandalf from Lord of the Rings: “All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given us”. One of my favorite quotes. It tells it all. The importance of appreciate this moment and the limited time we all have. Not to waste it, but use that precious time to something important. Learning to live in the moment and going with the flow is very great quality that improves your persona.
  • Stop stressing. As point above, if you learn to live in this moment and stop stressing the future things, you’ll become dramatically happy. Remember that things will always get good in the end, there is nothing to stress about. Stressing is a huge mental energy drainer that won’t get you anywhere. Think about it this way, a stressing thing you can’t affect is going to happen, there are 2 options:
  • You can stress and waste your energy on it. The outcome will be same no matter what.
  • You are aware that you can’t do anything about the situation that is going to happen. So you don’t stress about it and use your energy to something useful, as the outcome will be same either you are stressing or not.
  • Learn to be analytical about your savings. Don’t spend money on some useless stuff you really don’t need. Only buy things you really need or desire. There are many people who spent all their salary in one weekend after getting paid. Learn to save and smart user of the money. This will help you a lot in your life (I haven’t though acquired this, I’m broken as f#ck myself)
  • Learn to take a lead and responsibility. This way you build some authority and can example become a good boss in your career. Good bosses can admit their mistakes and take responsibility. This will not only matters on job, but in every social situations. People like people who are not afraid to take the responsibility of their mistakes.

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The above answer is by Brad Shoc to this particular question.


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