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What advice/wisdom would you share with someone in their 20s when you are over 40?

The following answer is by Julie Gurner to this particular question.

Here’s my top 6 pieces of Wisdom if you’re in your 20s - no pulling punches!

  1. Don’t Settle in who you Choose for a Spouse. Seriously! Whoever you select will either help you rise, or make your life miserable. They are the most important financial and personal decision you’ll make. DO NOT SETTLE.
  2. F*&k What Other People Think. Be authentically yourself. Gay? Awesome. Have an unconventional style? Embrace it. Massive career goals? Go for it. Take chances in your career & do what you want to do with your life, and DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF IT. It will help you move forward more quickly and help you build confidence in yourself. This is your moment, and the time you really have the least to lose.
  3. Be a Boss with Your Money…Now. Yep, retirement is a long way away, but if you start now you will actually be able to retire one day. Pay off debt as fast as you can, learn about investing, take a class if you have to online, and don’t have your head in the sand because it’s “boring” or seems irrelevant to your life. If you’re willing to do this, you’ll look like a rockstar one day.
  4. Take Care of Your Mental/Physical Health. Have a health, addiction or psychological issue you’ve been putting off? Deal with it now. Do you really want to be in your 40s dealing with this same crap? Don’t let it mess up your life, and get things under control. You deserve it!
  5. Have Priorities. Life passes quickly and if you don’t know what you want, you’ll never get it. If you don’t at least set your priorities, your life has no direction…and general guidelines of your priorities helps you navigate. Want to have kids and prioritizing finding a partner for the long term? Do it. Want to have a career and start your own company making fake flowers that actually look real? Go for it. Want to do both? Let’s get it done. Whatever your priorities are, set them…and make sure your life decisions align with those.
  6. Be Kind, No Excuses. Don’t be an a-hole. Just don’t. All people have something they struggle with, so be the “good guy/girl” as you move ahead. Build relationships, build other people up, and help other people out. Be the kind of person that makes it a better place. Advocate for those who aren’t as fortunate, step up if you see injustice, and take your place in this world. You will never regret being a good person, and it will also keep you humble, grateful, and happy.

The above answer is by Julie Gurner to this particular question.


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