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Why can’t I stop overthinking?

The following answer is by Mike King to this particular question.

Your mind is occupied with your own thoughts and is not stimulated by new and interesting information. If you wish to get out of this mode, it will require a change in your activities.

You apparently are stimulated by what’s going on in your own mind and if you wish to change it, you will have to seek new ways to activate the pleasure center in your brain.

One way to do this is to do some volunteer activity. Helping others frees your mind from yourself and focuses on those who are less fortunate. Very intelligent people know this and devote a portion of their time to volunteer work. You will be helping yourself by performing a worthy activity for your community.

Another option is to study a subject you are interested in but know absolutely nothing about. Your mind will be absorbed by new and interesting information and you’ll be less likely to overthink.

The above answer is by Mike King to this particular question.


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