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I’ve been actively reading Quora since July this year (2019).

Actively, as in, at least 10 questions/answers a day.

On an average, I bookmark 2 answers a day. I bookmark the ones that make the most impact on me during the day.

It has become kind of a Zodiac sign reading to me. Hahaha, now that I think of it, it’s hilarious.

I have a lot of them waiting to be re-read in my Bookmarks section of Quora. There are so many of them that it scares the shit out of me.

So in the spirit of redistributing, I decided to publicly post them on here, at least, just the best of them, according to me… on a daily basis.

Today’s answer is the first ever answer I bookmarked on Quora.

Now, Quora doesn’t allow you to filter nor search your bookmarks, and I had to scroll all the way down to this answer. So believe me when I tell you this, it was excruciating.

I will not post them in the same order I bookmarked them.

Why will most people not become millionaires?

The following answer is by Rafael Eliassen to this particular question.

  1. Because they don’t have the courage to ask for it — they don’t even think it’s a possibility.
  2. Because they want quick fixes, that course, that scheme, that shiny thing. — they want it tomorrow but wealth is built long-term.
  3. Because they are lazy thinkers — they don’t find better ways to provide value in the marketplace.
  4. Because they don’t improve themselves— no time for financial literacy, developing skills, shifting mindset, etc.
  5. Because they never take action. — they will never start any business or try anything and just feel good reading such answers.
  6. Because they don’t save money — you can’t make money work for you if you don’t have any.
  7. Because they have bad beliefs about money — “money is evil” and “If you make millions, you take away from the poor”.
  8. Because they are scarcely selfish— they don’t want to provide value instead just want to make a quick buck and run.
  9. Because they don’t budget and live above their means — poor financial skills.

Remember, money is a mindset game, fix yours.

The above answer is by Rafael Eliassen to this particular question.


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