Last Updated: July 2022

Born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti, I’m a self-taught Software Engineer with a knack for building, growing and learning from outstanding teams of Software Engineers while delivering complex solutions in a timely manner and within budget.

I have significant experience working in startups and fast-moving teams with fixed deadlines. I have over 5 years of managerial experience (Systems Engineer & Tech Lead) at multiple companies of different scale.

I am very flexible with different technologies and methodologies, so I am able to learn and adapt to new environments quickly.

Technologies I'm the Best at

I decided to become an expert at the following techs and skills. I also have years of professional experience with them:

  • Nextjs
  • TypeScript
  • Serverless Architecture (AWS Lambda & Vercel)
  • PWA
  • Prisma
  • PostgreSQL
  • UI/UX (Mostly with Figma)
  • Nodejs with Expressjs
  • React
  • React Native & Expojs
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

Technologies I Like

Those are the technologies I'm currently learning or plan on learning:

  • Rust
  • Deno
  • Kubernetes
  • Svelte
  • Terraform
  • Keystonejs
  • Compilers

I'm also willing to learn them as I join a team.

Other Skills

Throughout my career, I've worn many different hats in the tech industry. This allowed me to accrue other skills that are important for the roles I want to fit:

  • Project management (Agile)
  • Leadership
  • Business analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Team building and hiring
  • Team management
  • Quality assurance
  • Communication & transparency

My Personality

I'm a strong-minded person. Not irritable, not easily offended, patient, and pretty chill.

I tend to get competitive, but not in a negative way. It allows me to push myself and my teammates further.

I enjoy all kinds of humor, as long as they don't hurt other people's feelings. I'm mindful and empathetic, and I listen more than I speak so I can genuinely understand my interlocutor.

I take full responsibility for my mistakes and failures.

The following is my motto:

Lead by Example. That energy you serve is the same one you deserve.

- Joe-Bernick (Nick) Rameau

Among all the things I value, the 5 most prominent ones people usually notice from me are honesty, professionalism, balance, autonomy, and leadership.

Natural Languages I Speak

I am a polyglot and enjoy learning new languages. I'm fluent (reading, writing, and speaking) in the following ones:

  • Haitian Creole
  • French
  • English

And I'm actively learning German.

People I Want to Work With

When I look for a new team to join, I look for and ask about the following:

  • The person, or people I report to / who my direct manager(s) will be
  • The company values and sometimes, my manager's values
  • The team/company's idea generation process flow
  • Clear responsibilities for everyone
  • Strong-minded and empathetic people
  • Open-source involvement
  • Challenging problems
  • Competitive and fair salary

I will favor open-source-centered companies in a heartbeat!

Roles I'm The Best at

After over a decade in the industry, I've grown a preference for leadership and management roles.

At this point in my career, I feel ready to manage and give life to complex projects on schedule, while effectively building, motivating and learning from a solid team of Software Engineers.

My Experience & Education

I've laid out all my professional experiences clearly enough on LinkedIn. You can also download my resume from there.

You may notice that I hold no college degrees. I dropped out of college back in 2016 to take my education in hand.

I didn't see a clear future for me in a traditional college. This is also when I joined the 42 Silicon Valley school.

Services I Offer

I'm also a Freelancer. I accept contract work so I can temporarily join or build your tech team.

Here are the standalone services I offer:

  • Open-source Software (OSS) maintenance in the technologies I mentioned above
  • Tech Lead Consultation and Team training
  • UI/UX Design - to shape your ideas
  • Database Design - I provide the diagrams, documentation, SQL or Sequelize/Mongoose models  
  • API Design - documentation and spec files. I use OpenAPI 3 and Swagger
  • Website/Portfolio Development and Management - I use Ghostjs to allow you to focus on your content and online presence rather than Software

Outside of Work

Hey, I'm human :). There are so many other things I enjoy doing. Like:

  • Dancing - Mostly shuffle dance
  • Writing - I journal, write articles on here and take notes of my observations on Twitter
  • Working out - I practice Calisthenics (yeah, even at the gym XD)
  • Playing video games
  • Hacky sacks
  • Competitive programming
  • Contributing to OSS - I love the GitHub community!

Oh and I love cats! :)

This website is here to document my learning, show what I’ve built and what I’m working on.

Feel free to contact me if you see potential in me. I appreciate it :)

~ Nick Rameau