Today is day 7 of me being sick with the coronavirus.

It started just like the other days, peaceful then gradually feeling the pains (headaches, chest pains and random muscle aches).

Cooked breakfast then I took one of each of the pills my landlord brought to me last Wednesday (May 20).

My low energy hit me too and I was going down the fatigue spiral once again. Still felt all the other symptoms.

At around 1:45 to 2pm, it was unbearable. On top of the other symptoms, I had random sharp pains in my left leg, I noticed rashes on different parts of my body and I was having unexpected diarrhea discharges… yeah, that bad.

I believe it’s because I took the Moxidel-500 my landlord gave me because my boss warned me not to take it based on recommendations he got - my bad Ted :)

At this point, I was at my lowest. Seriously didn’t know what to do, until it hit me: exercising.

I picked up my phone and opened my MadBarz app. This is the app I use for at-home workouts. I do bodyweight exercises at home and rarely go to the gym.

Took me almost a whole hour to even start with my workout. That’s how exhausted I felt. It was my first workout since I started feeling symptoms.

This is the workout I did today. It took me about 20 minutes to complete:


The amount of reps and seconds you see are actually the total from 3 different sets. Not the amount per set. So it was pretty basic. The only time I could feel my chest pain was during the side plank on the right side. Didn’t hurt much on the left side for some reason ¯\(ツ)

And that was actually all I needed! I could instantly feel my strength coming back and my brain fog vanished!

I couldn’t feel any of the symptoms, except for the chest pain, but very mildly. I even gained my sense of smell back about 30 minutes later. I’m still feeling great as I’m writing this. It’s crazy.

Now while I’m writing this, I’m wondering, could it be that the antibiotics I took helped with this or was it really just the workout?

There’s only one way to know: Tomorrow I’m not drinking them and will start my workout 2 hours after breakfast.

Let’s see how that goes.

Also, while I was about to end this article, I felt a sharp heartburn for 3 seconds and a quick pain in the back of the head. Weird.