Hi! I’m Joe-Bernick (Nick) Rameau.

Pragmatic, self-taught and passionate software developer. I currently focus more on Expojs, PWAs, Docker, K8S & Terraform.


Google Dark Mode is Now Generally Available

I've always been a fan of this Chrome extension called Dark Reader. A dark theme generator for every website. Now that Google Search offers its own dark mode, I'm switching over.

The Red Wheelbarrow: A Short Analysis

The Red Wheelbarrow is a renowned poem by William Carlos Williams. Every time I read it, I get welcomed with a dramatic entrance and leave unsatisfied due to the cryptic message.

How I Reproduced The Nextjs Conf 2021 Registration Page

Nextjs Conf is an annual event hosted by the awesome team at Vercel for their React framework called Nextjs. They created an interactive page for the event registration page. I decided to recreate its secondary functionalities using StackBlitz.

How I Deployed This Blog: Running Ghost in Production With Docker and Caddy Server

This is the second part of my "Ghostjs on Docker" series. The first part was about running Ghostjs in development with Docker. This one is about how I initially deployed my website at https://rameau.me.

How I started this blog: Running Ghost in development with Docker

In this article, I explain how I run Ghost in development mode to test out the platform locally. I also give a brief explanation of how it all works.

Plant a Seed, Will ya?

I took action three years ago by proposing my software development skills in exchange for my rent to my landlords. Guess what they said? No, thank you.

Note to Self #2: Write Often, Reflect Daily

I like to think that everyone is playing their own movie where they are the protagonist and go through the typical action/drama packed movie

Note to Self #1: Blinded by my Anger

See the pattern. End the loop. You are better than your previous self. Whenever you feel anger during a conversation, observe it as an outsider and see the pattern. Actually, say the pattern in your head, just as it is: I am blinded by my anger, because I don’t
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